History of the Preserve

The Preserve is full of rich history that dates back to 1936 when Marjorie Perry, a devoted preservationist, purchased the 200 acres of land that The Preserve now stands on. She had a desire to build a farm outside of downtown Denver, and after purchasing the land, she frequently rode her horse from the bustling western city to her land. She dreamt of the day she could build a home and permanently live on the farm. Then, as now, the parcel of land that Perry selected was captivating, with majestic mountain views and teeming with wetland wildlife.

A Partnership Takes Shape

Koelbel and Company purchased the adjoining property more than 30 years after Perry purchased her farm. As Denver continued to grow, the surrounding areas were developed at a rapid pace while this special sanctuary continued to exist untouched. Perry’s family and Koelbel and Company eventually decided to partner in order to protect a swiftly vanishing piece of Colorado landscape. It was a beautiful piece of land, and whatever would be done there would have to be done exceptionally well.

Most Popular Property in Colorado

Now, 16 years after its first homes were introduced, The Preserve can look back on one of the most remarkable sales successes of any luxury residential property in Colorado. Over 90% complete, there are just a few opportunities left to be part of this magnificent neighborhood.

Preservation: Always the Priority

Behind that success is a land plan that almost totally preserved the 55-acre natural environment wrapped by the Highline Canal trail. The developed site is enhanced with broad natural corridors and a lavishly landscaped buffer of trails around its four-mile perimeter.

Wide-Open and Welcoming

Unlike other developers who were introducing upscale neighborhoods to the marketplace in the late 1980s, Koelbel avoided the temptation to create a walled-in enclave that would shut residents off from the surrounding community. Rather, The Preserve would be a wide open experience, its natural beauty – dedicated open space totaling almost 124 acres – accessible to outsiders via trails and bridges.

When development began, Koelbel and Company dedicated part of the land to Greenwood Village as part of an agreement that the Village would continue to expand the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve.

Today’s Opportunities

Today, the award-winning development is in its final phase, having reserved some of the best views and largest lots for last. There are just a few remaining opportunities to experience residential living unparalleled by any development with the same proximity to the business, sports, and cultural activities of downtown Denver.

History of the Preserve